Los Angeles Youth First Tobacco Coalition’s (LAYFTC) focus is to advocate for stronger tobacco control policies to be implemented in vulnerable communities including minority communities such as LGBTQ and people of color in order to reduce youth access to flavored tobacco products. LAYFTC is concerned about these products because they have been shown to contribute to the youth vaping epidemic and addiction. Tobacco remains one of the leading causes of preventable death for many minority groups such as LGBTQ and people of color. The tobacco industry aggressively markets menthol and other flavored tobacco products to young people and minorities, especially in urban communities.
In response to the youth e-cigarette epidemic where 6,100 children now start vaping every day, LAYFTC offers no-cost prevention presentations and advocacy workshops on youth and young adult tobacco use (including e-cigarette use and vaping) as part of our Break Free from Nicotine Campaign. The campaign aims to empower Los Angeles youth and young adults to not only “break free” from tobacco use, but to advocate for tobacco prevention policies in their community and help keep their peers free from tobacco-related harms. 
Members get the chance to experience community organizing activities including the following: collect letters of support/petition signatures for stronger policies, conduct educational presentations to raise awareness on tobacco control issues, recruit supporters to the campaign, meet with media/elected officials to educate and inform them on the issue, and create various advocacy media projects.